Step Ladder

I have painted 3 murals over the years. One was a 4 ft x 8 ft original hand drawn black and white design. Another was an 8 ft x 24 ft hand painted original ocean scene for a private residence in Laguna Niguel, CA.  The other was an 8 ft x 24 ft re-creation of a barn with hinged barn doors that opened to 2 hand painted murals; one of a Swiss mountain scene and hay loft barn doors that opened to a sky mural. It was done for a private residence in Oakland (Montclair Village), CA. For that mural I used wood that I measured and cut. I installed it in the 2d story level of a kitchen. I completed it with a bale of hay, vintage vegetable scales, and various antique cooking tools as a complete Art Installation.

Through out the years I have also created Window Displays for a college, Christmas window painting, and designed holiday Greeting Cards and posters for several small local businesses. I painted signs for a Lake Tahoe ski resort while I worked there as a children's ski instructor.  


My father bought me my first computer in 1993.  I joined Prodigy online and participated in some of the first online Chat groups and hosted a few events there.  In 1993 I also began using my computer to make digital art.  In 1999 I started using Corel Painter® and Adobe Photoshop® to paint digitally.